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Block ‘n Roll does not have any tracks to rust or be damaged and the cost is less than half of an overhead door.

Block ‘n Roll is a high tensile/tear strength open weave vinyl coated polyester curtain door that withstands temperatures well below freezing. The open weave allows the building and product to breathe.

Block ‘n Roll has a “superwinch” motor with a manual override. The curtain door is pre-installed onto the tube which is self-contained in it’s own aluminum hood thus making installation quick and easily done by two men with a lift/scaffolding in less than two hours.

With most of the salt buildings left virtually unattended and wide open year round, Block ‘n Roll is …. the answer to many concerns of DOT & Public Works personnel as well as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). A major problem being voiced by DOT’s and the like, throughout North America is pigeons roosting inside the buildings. Their droppings can create an infectious disease called “Histoplasmosis” that infects the lungs from spore that have become airborne from this fungus. This could result in a potential health hazard to your personnel.

The Block ‘n Roll door is not an everyday door and is mainly used for the many months that the contents are not in use and the door remains closed. During the winter snow, the door should remain open for continuous accessibility; however, the door can be closed for durations of better weather.

Block ‘n Roll doors are made to measure for your door size and are available in two colors.

Block ’n Roll roller curtain doors are presently being used by DOT’s, Turnpike Authorities, Public Work departments in towns and counties throughout North America.

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