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The Solution is Block ‘n Roll™

Block ‘n Roll™ is a new and economical roller curtain door designed specifically for all types of salt storage buildings. With most of these buildings being left open year round, Block ‘n Roll™ is the answer to many concerns of DOT & Public Works personnel as well as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The Block ‘n Roll door is not an everyday door and is mainly used for the many months that the contents are not in use and the door remains closed. During the winter snows, the door should remain open for continuous accessibility; however the door can be closed for durations of better weather.

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Block ‘n Roll™ is the sensible design that outlasts any traditional doors with easy installation and its best features - durability and cost.

Overhead doors often prove to be costly and ineffective due to damage to the tracks/doors by either loaders, trucks or by the salt itself - usually requiring constant maintenance by outside sources.

Block ‘n Roll™ does not have any tracks to rust or be damaged.

Block ‘n Roll’s™ cost is less than half of an overhead door.

Block ‘n Roll™ is a high tensile/tear strength open weave vinyl coated polyester curtain door that withstands temperatures well below freezing. The open weave allows the building and product to breathe.

Block ‘n Roll™ has a “superwinch motor with a manual over-ride. The curtain door is pre-installed onto the tube which is self-contained in it’s own aluminum hood. Installation is quick and easy and can be done by two men with a lift/scaffolding in less than two hours.

Block ‘n Roll’s™
curtain doors are made to measure in a variety of colors and sizes.

Quotes can be provided upon request. For additional information, contact:

Julie Anne Millic toll-free at 1-866-BLOCKNR (256-2567), in NJ 973-746-3679 or send e-mail to BLOCKNROLL2000@aol.com.

Block ‘n Roll™ contains Patented technology.
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