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Block ‘n Roll is manufactured with the finest products needed to create the ideal product. They are as follows along with descriptions.

Roller Tube/ Axel – extruded aluminum/mill finish, outside diameter: 4”, wall thickness: .100”.

Hood – 3/16” aluminum, with same thickness end plates welded to the main hood body. Note: 3/8” and 5/8” Lag Bolts are NOT included.

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Motor - “Superwinch” Single output 12 Volt DC power drive unit; 90:1 gear ratio; Torque 1125 in/lb; 1.1HP; 25-30 amps.

  • Included - remote control with manual operation and quick disconnect cables.
  • Trickle charge: 1.5 amp; fully automatic- turns on/off as needed; charges in 2 to 12 hrs.
  • Note: 12 Volt Automotive Battery is NOT supplied. Aluminum Battery Box is supplied.

Fabric (Main Body) – open weave vinyl coated polyester/13 oz. per sq. yd., high tensile/tear strength, moisture resistant/quick drying, withstands temperatures well below 0°, shade factor/60%. All seams are heat-welded. Axle attachment: - 1⁄4” polypropylene rope, sewn into tarp, slides into groove in axle tube. Bottom – 12” to 15” is solid 18 oz. vinyl with pocket sewn for weight bar.

Fabric (Edge Trim) – All edges are double with 2” webbing.

Weight Bar – 1” Galvanized tube.

Weight Bars (Connecting Hardware) – "Steel "S" Hold Down brackets.

Webbing/Ratchets –2 – 2” wide black polypropylene webbing with hooks; (appropriate lengths are provided to keep door from billowing in high wind areas); ratchet-self-locking manual operation to keep webbing taut.
Note: Hook anchors are included.

Please note: Certain materials are subject to change upon availability and finished product size.

NJ Specifications are same except Fabric (Main Body) – Solid 10 oz. vinyl with four (4) 2’ x 3’ window/vent openings to allow the product/building to breathe and prevent from billowing in winds.